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Welcome to the Doctor Is In! LLC, where you can rest assured that when you make an appointment you will see an actual physician. In the current dynamic of most medical practices, patients are suggested to see a Physician’s Assistant or another individual of a similar scope of practice. If often takes multiple visits before you sit face to face with a physician, and by this time you may be feeling worse than you did on your first visit. Now this is not to imply that Physician Assistants and similarly trained people are not knowledgeable and capable of making medical decisions; but this is not to assume they are as qualified as a board-certified physician either. Here at the Doctor Is In! you will always sit face to face with a physician; Landi F. Lowell M.D.

We at the Doctor Is In! are in the process of getting a laboratory set up to give us the ability to test our patients in house if they wish. With us doing our own labs we can translate the savings to our patients by offering highly competitive prices on many lab panels and tests. Not only will there be savings, but due to proximity, Dr. Lowell will receive your tests within minutes of testing. No more wondering "Where are my lab results at?", or "Did the doctor even see this?".